The Fitness & Wellbeing Plan 
By Georgia Harrison
With body weight resistance training, real-time meditation sessions, nutrition guidance, and mindset advice, developed by award winning experts and brought to you by Georgia, you’ll feel fitter, stronger, more toned, full of positive energy and mental clarity. 
I talk a lot on social media about my daily routine and how training, nutrition and meditation have really helped me both physically and mentally. Creating good habits that I can genuinely stick to has been key to helping me stay in shape and fit, not just for going on holiday, but all year round. I’ve also worked a lot on learning how to use mediation and practice gratitude in my daily life to help me achieve my goals, create a positive outlook and a balanced mindset.

This plan brings together everything I’ve used in recent years to make my mind and body the best they can be. I’ve done it and SO CAN YOU!
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A Personal Note From Georgia...
I created the Fitness & Wellbeing plan because I’ve seen for myself how working on your fitness and mental wellbeing, alongside each other, can be incredibly powerful, and I want to help other people do the same.  

When I started to change things in my life, I started to notice how things in my life changed for the better...and I wanted to share these with other people. 

The Fitness & Wellbeing plan has been created to help you improve all aspects of your life from how you workout and feel about your body, to your mindset and achieving what you want in life. 

This plan is what I did to get to where I am now and I’m so excited to be able to share it with you, and help and support you to make positive changes to your life.

- 4 Week Training Programme
- 4 x HIIT Cardio Workout Videos
- 4 x Core & More Workout Videos
- 4 x Morning Motivation Videos
- 4 x Meditation MP3s
- 1 x Warm Up
- 1 x Cool Down & Stretch 
- 1 x Downloadable Guide
- Nutrition Guidance 
- 10 x Georgia's Top Healthy Recipes
- 5 x Georgia’s Favourite Smoothie Recipes
- Weekly Workout Plan
- Daily Motivation Tips
- How to set your goals and achieve them
get results just like georgia…
Get fitter, more toned, motivated and change your mindset...
Creating good habits, from watching motivational videos in the morning and working out, to meditating in the evening and improving my diet, has had such an incredible impact on my body and my mind. 

Now it's just part of my daily routine and I can't image going back to the days when I didn't train and work on my mindset. 
what do you actually get?
The Fitness & Wellbeing Plan
by Georgia Harrison
  • 4 Week Training Programme Unlock & Access 
  • ​4 x HIIT Cardio Workout Videos Unlock & Access
  • ​4 x Core & More Workout Videos Unlock & Access
  • ​4 x Morning Motivation Videos Unlock & Access
  • ​4 x Meditation MP3s Download & Keep
  • ​1 x Warm Up Unlock & Access
  • ​1 x Cool Down & Stretch Unlock & Access
  • ​1 x Downloadable Guide Download & Keep
  • ​Nutrition Guidance Download & Keep
  • ​10 x Georgia's Top Healthy Recipes inc. Vegan & Vegetarian
  • ​5 x Georgia’s Favourite Smoothie Recipes Download & Keep
  • ​Weekly Workout Plan Download & Keep
  • ​Daily Motivation Tips Download & Keep
  • ​How to set your goals and achieve them Unlock & Access
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